The role of Business Consulting Lawyers

Our excellent team of highly trained Business Consulting Lawyers in Perth are experienced in the art of business counseling and consultation. Any listed or open organization can confidently approach us for advice and legal counsel especially in the field of mergers and acquisitions, and the sort.

So many years of effectively dealing with similar cases have sharpened our legal team’s skills in the specific area of arranging and actualizing business acquisitions for different type of business entities, including the part related to innovation and total assets.

Our professional services in mergers and acquisitions include:

  • Private mergers and acquisitions, and transfer of rights between organizations
  • Acquisition and takeover of public organizations and the transfer of control
  • Arrangement of financial assets and private funding for ventures and exits including representation of official administration groups and founders
  • International mergers and acquisitions between Australian organizations and other global counterparts including remote counselling
  • Arranging joint venture agreements and key union proposals

For more details with respect to mergers and acquisitions, please touch base with our skilled team of Corporate Consulting Lawyers in Perth who will analyse your case in greater detail before advising you on the best way forward. Our legal team will work together with all concerned parties to arrive at the best possible solution. The various aspects of business mergers we have dealt with include:

  • Business coordination and financing including for that of start-up endeavours
  • Raising capital investments, introductory open offerings and secondary passage postings
  • Corporate administration and ensuring consistency with the Corporations Act
  • Joint endeavours, organizational and joint consortium plans
  • Arranging shareholder, unit holder and organizational meetings
  • Establishment of new organizations including recruitment and other legitimate structures

Our resourceful team of small business lawyers in Perth can help any business with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), private funding and capital investments. We provide due guidance for counselling related to Corporate Governance Principles, Guidelines & Recommendations and Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange plus other corporate commitments under the Corporations Act.

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