What can Business Tax Lawyers do?

A company needs to pay its business taxes as long as it is running a trade or a business and it is being regularly carried on. Business taxes are paid by a company which is engaged in the task of selling goods or services with the intention of making a profit. As these companies generate an income with a frequency and continuity of purpose, they are bound to pay their taxes. Business tax collection laws in Australia are quite complicated and a business tax lawyer will help you understand the various layers to it. It’s very important to understand the various business consequences related to tax payments including that of business deals, mergers, acquisitions, financing and renting.

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Our strong legal team of experienced Business Tax Lawyers in Perth will understand everything about your business in greater detail before giving you valuable legal counsel. The different factors to keep in mind are:

  • Paying your taxes is an integral part of running a business and you need to make arrangements to pay it in due time or in easy installments.
  • GST or Goods & Services Tax is an all encompassing tax imposed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). If your business has a turnover that exceeds $75,000 yearly, you are liable to pay GST. If you are enrolled in GST, monthly solicitations of the same should be sent to the ATO along with your Business Activity Statements.
  • Payroll tax is a regional tax calculated on the amount of wages that a business pays to its workers and the total wages cross a threshold amount.
  • Capital additions tax is evaluated on the sum of the difference between the capital amount of buying and selling your business entity.

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