The Role of A Corporate Finance Lawyer

Corporate finance is the area of finance dealing with the capital budgeting and investment of companies. It also deals with the sourcing of funds and capital structure of corporations. Corporate finance is mainly concerned with the actions that fund managers take to increase the value of the firm to its shareholders plus the tools and methods used to allocate financial resources. The most important goal of corporate finance is to maximize or increase shareholder value. Our excellent team of Corporate Finance Lawyers in Perth are the right people to approach in case you are looking for legal counsel related to corporate finance. For more details, just give a call to our legal team of Corporate Finance Consulting Lawyers in Perth. The services we can offer differ from:

  • Setting up property evaluations using a stable securities structure in Western Australia.
  • Advising various customers with respect to the Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA).
  • Providing assistance with loan agreements and other negotiations.
  • Guidance and legal counsel to franchisees including enrollment in the PPS Registry.
  • Working with credit unions and reviewing their operations.
  • Issuing letters of interest to authorization procedures under the Civil Judgments Enforcement Act.
  • Advising on loan recovery, insolvency and bankruptcy.
  • Assistance with filing corporate taxes under GST and the Duties Act.

For more information, please call on our versatile legal team of small business lawyers in Perth. We will study your company profile in greater detail before advising you on how to go about ways to maximize the value of your firm. With the right guidance and assistance, we can work together to find the best possible solution to any corporate finance case. This will ultimately lead to increase in the shareholders value.

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