An Insight into Indigenous Enterprise Development

Our legal team of highly qualified Business Settlement Lawyers in Perth is the perfect answer for your business enterprise. For any clarifications and disputes regarding your business, our legal counselors are the right people to get in touch with, for a satisfactory solution to any case, including resolution of disputes, litigation advice and legal representation.

Our exclusive legal team for resolving disputes have years of experience dealing with similar cases. You can be assured that a call to our brilliant team of business lawyers in Perth will provide you the best possible solution in any case.

The different ways in which we have helped previous clients in cases of Indigenous Enterprise Development are:

Provided due assistance to a Company Director for a graceful exit from his organization after a unresolved dispute between the Board of Directors. Mediated for an industrial merchant for reaching an amicable settlement with the buyer of an aviation business. Helped a business associate withdraw from a partnership agreement of a food and beverages outlet as he was no longer interested in continuing with it. The withdrawing partner was given due assistance in the fields of:

  • Compensation related to the partnership exit according to the present valuation of the company
  • Return of company merchandise and promise of secrecy about organizational practices
  • An agreeable clause to refrain from starting a similar enterprise within the limit of a particular time period

Negotiated terms and conditions for a substantial bargain in the loan agreement of an organization and finalized terms for paying the remaining amount in reasonable installments.

Helped in the arbitration procedure of a case related to the Construction Contracts Act by the following actions:

  • Appealed to the Supreme Court for a favourable ruling in the Construction Contracts Act case
  • Reached an amicable understanding and settled for the best possible solution

For more details on indigenous enterprise development, call on our legal team and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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