Services Offered by Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property is the collective term used for patents, trademarks and copyrights. Intellectual property is defined as any product of the intellect that has commercial value including copyrighted property such as literary works like novels, poems and films, and artistic works like paintings and illustrations. It also includes creative property like patents, business practices and industrial processes. Intellectual property also deals with the set of rights and laws protecting such ideas, properties and works from unlawful infringement.

Acquiring intellectual property rights for the business practices of your company is one of the most fundamental necessities. Our legal team of excellent Intellectual Property Lawyers in Perth can assist you with anything to do with intellectual rights and innovation in the fields of science, design, engineering, life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical, electronics and construction.

Our proficient team of Trademarks Lawyers in Perth have vast experience in dealing with even global patent procedures and will assist you in the due process of filing for patents.

After analyzing your applications for patent or copyright in greater detail, we will investigate and conclude on the patent possibilities of your requirement. For more information , please get in touch with our team of legal counselors for the best possible solution in any case.

Our highly trained team of Australian business lawyers offer a full range of services in the field of patents and copyrights including:

  • Clearance declarations for your patent or copyright
  • Structuring the business to adapt to your Intellectual Property requirements
  • Preparation and documentation of patent applications
  • Follow-ups of submitted patent applications
  • Investigating the various restrictions with regard to any patents
  • Legal representation in court, if needed

For the right legal counsel, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our efficient team of legal counselors.

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