Get Elaborate Knowledge on License Agreement

License is defined as the official or legal permission to engage in a lawful and regulated action. It is otherwise a contract allowing someone to use a proprietary product or service. A lawyer who handles all kinds of agreements for licensing is called a license agreement lawyer. This is true for licenses only in Australia and around the world as well.

A license agreement is a contract between the legal rightful owner or the trademark holder of a product and another party, which grants that party the legal right to market or sell or in other words, profit from the sales and services of that product. In return, the party receives a monthly or annual royalty fees or some kind of compensation. A license might not grant a person the exclusive right to sell a product. Also the license may be temporary or permanent in nature.

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Our efficient legal team of experienced License Agreement Lawyers in Perth will investigate the legal aspects to acquiring and maintaining any license, including:

  • All legal standpoints of a working license whether it is temporary or permanent
  • The cost factors of the license and the various clauses and obligations attached to it
  • Taking note of the time or term for which the license is valid
  • Making arrangements for renewal of expired licenses

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