An Insight into Liquor Licenses and Franchises

Obtaining a liquor license or a franchise for running an outlet is a complicated procedure and you need the backing of a strong legal team to get your hands on a coveted liquor license. Our effective team of legal counselors can provide due guidance to those looking for liquor licenses in the following aspects (1) Advice regarding catering, restaurant and nightclub laws of liquor licensing (2) Advice related to the circumstances of offences that might be applicable under the Liquor Act (3) Advice regarding management of the risks attached in being a licensee that encompasses all the concerns of occupational health and safety as well as public liability.

If you are on the lookout for purchasing a franchise, we can guide you through the procedural rituals and agreement formalities of the franchise plus assist you with all the documentation required for a potential franchiser. For any clarification regarding the same, please contact our resourceful team of Business Settlement Lawyers in Perth and we will be glad to answer all your queries.

Our exclusive team of the most efficient Liquor License Lawyers in Perth can provide useful technical and commercial advice on all facets of the laws governing liquor licensing in Western Australia. Schedule an appointment with our team of highly qualified Australian Business Lawyers who have experience dealing with plenty of similar cases. We will work together to find the best possible solution to any matter related to liquor licenses.

The different services we provide are the following:

1. Applying for fresh liquor licenses with the required submissions
2. Complaints related to fresh applications for liquor licenses
3. Buying or selling licensed premises and the preparation of partnership agreements plus the transfer of liquor licenses and business sale agreements
4. Applying for lengthy trading permits and the modifications of licensed properties for the disparities in licensing conditions
5. Property issues containing the arrangement and appraisals of leasing contracts
6. Assistance in appearance before the Liquor Commission
7. Due diligence as well as negotiation of vital contracts
8. Specialized cases of licensing of liquor franchises.

For more details, please get in touch with our legal team of Liquor License Lawyers in Perth or you can contact our highly qualified team of Business Settlement Lawyers in Perth.

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